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“The must-have easy to use compact Klip_ez tool saving you time on your daily tasks. Fully adjustable for different types of board ranging from 6-18mm in thickness. Allowing a straight mark or cut every time, even at angles.”


KLIP_EZ is a new concept in board technology; compact and affordable allowing you to measure and cut boards with accuracy.

The easy to use tool makes cutting reliably accurate, allowing a single user to cut boards quickly, without any help.

Easy to store on a tool belt or in a tool box, your KLIP_EZ will soon be your favourite time saving companion!

Patent applied for 2001375.1

Also available new Straight_ez, Straight edge interlocking system for those longer boards



1. Mark your board

2. Set to board thickness

3. Offer Klip_ez to mark

4. Lock Klip_ez into position using brake

5. Offer level or straight edge into cradle

6. Check level/straight edge height against mark

7. Raise or fall level/straight edge to mark by adjuster

8. Mark or cut along level/straight edge or use as a tool fence

9. Remove level/straight edge and unlock the brake and swing round

10. Store on or in a safe place or on your belt

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